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Pre-pro Baseball > United States > New Jersey 799 Games and 656 Clubs

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799 Games and 656 Clubs

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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame Gothams Club of New York v Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York 23 - 1 1846-06-19 Hoboken Hudson County NJ NJ First Match Game Under NY Rules
Club Washington Club of Orange 1855-05-26 Orange Essex County NJ NJ
Club Club of Newark 1855-06-16 Newark Essex County NJ Newark, NJ
Ballgame Club of Newark v Oriental/Olympic Club of Newark 31 - 10 1855-07-13 East Newark Hudson County NJ East Newark, NJ
Club Fear Not Club of Hudson City 1855-08-29 Hudson City Hudson County NJ Hudson City, NJ
Club Club of Trenton 1856-05 Trenton NJ Trenton, NJ
Club Columbia Club of Hoboken 1856-11-08 Hoboken Hudson County NJ Hoboken, NJ
Club Watsessing Club of Bloomfield 1857-08-07 Bloomfield Essex County NJ Bloomfield, NJ
Club Nassaus Club of Princeton 1857-09 Princeton NJ Princeton, NJ
Ballgame Watsessing Club of Bloomfield v Empire Club of Newark 24 - 23 1857-09-16 Bloomfield Essex County NJ Bloomfield, NJ
Club Union Club of Elizabeth 1858-09 Elizabeth Union County NJ Elizabeth, NJ
Club Clinton Club of Irvington 1858-09-27 Irvington Essex County NJ Irvington, NJ
Club Rahway City Club of Rahway 1858-11-09 Rahway Union County NJ Rahway, NJ
Ballgame Liberty Club of New Brunswick v Independent Club of Somerville 44 - 35 1859-08-01 Somerville NJ Somerville, NJ
Club Quickstep Club of Bergen 1859-08-11 Bergen Hudson County NJ Bergen, NJ
Ballgame Pennsylvania Base Ball Club v Pennsylvania Base Ball Club 1859-11 Camden NJ Camden, NJ
Club Lafayette Club of Raritan 1859-11-20 Raritan NJ Raritan, NJ
Club Unknown Club of Patterson 1860-05-06 Paterson Passaic County NJ Paterson, NJ
Club Club of Harrison 1860-05-16 Harrison Hudson County NJ Harrison, NJ
Club Passaic Club of Belleville 1860-07-07 Belleville Essex County NJ Belleville, NJ
Club Resolute (Jr.) Club of Greenville 1860-08-03 Greenville Hudson County NJ Greenville, NJ
Club Baltic Club of Belvidere 1861 Belvidere NJ Belvidere, NJ
Ballgame Oneota Club of Bergen v Ironside Club of Brooklyn 31 - 17 1865-07-20 Bergen Hudson County NJ Bergen, NJ
Ballgame Passaic Club of Passaic v Alert Club of Paterson 30 - 45 1867-06-10 Passaic Passaic County NJ Passaic, NJ
Ballgame Aetna Club of Jersey City v Mystic Club of Paterson 66 - 18 1867-06-10 Jersey City Hudson County NJ Jersey City, NJ

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Baseball in Trenton unknown 2003 NJ Trenton
The Jersey Game: The History of Modern Baseball from Its Birth to the Big Leagues in the Garden State DeClerico, J. M., and Barry J. Pavelec 1991 NJ