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19C Clippings

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9032 19th century newspaper clippings.

Welcome to Protoball's Nineteenth Century Clippings Database

​This extensive data base, which we think of as "Richard's 19C Nuggets," includes over 9000 selected clippings from Nineteenth Century news sources. Systematic searches can now be performed on Protoball's "Enhanced Search" page.

The heart of this data base was contributed in early 2020 by Richard Hershberger, as a very happy side-product of his years-long march through 1800s news sources (he's now up to the year 1890). In his systematic search for items that reveal something about the early evolution of baseball, Richard's long trek has so far produced several published papers, and write-ups found on the "Original Analytics" collections on protoball.org.

Richard, long known as a discerning contributor to SABR's 19CBB list-serve, also actively posts about the history of baseball on Facebook. He has rapidly moved to the first ranks of researchers on the evolution of baseball through the Origins Era and beyond. His pathbreaking book Strike Four: The Evolution of Baseball (Rowman and Little) is a fresh and canny history of the key rules of base ball.

At Richard's suggestion, Protoball will gladly accept additional clippings from other researchers. Many others will found is game entries provided by the late Craig Waff in his bedrock Games Tab at The_Craig_B._Waff_Games_Tabulation. If you run into 19C news coverage that sparkles and/or reflects the major and minor currents in baseball's evolution, please add them to Richard's brilliant collection.

You will find that Protoball's Enhanced Search page gives you the option of including 19C news Clippings in your PBall site searches.

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