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Baseball AND New Jersey
Finds entries that have both baseball and New Jersey

NJ OR New Jersey
Finds entries that have either NJ or New Jersey

Baseball AND (NJ OR New Jersey)
Finds entries that have baseball and then either NJ or New Jersey

Baseball AND NOT Wicket
Finds entries that have baseball in the text and not Wicket in the text

Finds entries with base, bases, baseball, and anything that starts with base

Finds entries with base-ball, base ball, and anything with base, a character, and then ball

Finds entries with base or bases

Finds entries with base ball, base-ball, baseball, and anything with base, a character or not, and then ball

Baseball.{0,30}[[:<:]]NY OR NY.{0,30}Baseball
Finds entries with baseball followed by NY within 30 characters and vice versa
[[:<:]] is used to prevent matching with, for example, many.
For advanced searches you may use patterns that work with MySQL's REGEXP patterns

“year” is a special word

year 1800-1839
Finds chronology entries, ballgames, clubs, and publications from 1800-1839

finds locations with a mile range

Within 5 miles of [Boston]
Finds chronology entries, ballgames, and clubs 5 miles from the center of Boston

text search for words female OR woman OR girl OR lady OR feminine

text search for words negro OR black OR coloured OR colored OR slave OR african


text additional information
text age of players
text article category
year article date
text article tags
text author
number away score
text away team
text ballgame tags
text block data
text block game
text block location
text block notes
text book
text borough
text championship
text city
text clipping tags
text club name
text club tags
text comment
text coordinates
text coordinates point
text country
year created at
year date
text date note
year date of death
year date of dissolution
text date of dissolution note
text date of dissolution type
text description
text descriptors
text digger
text document
true/false duplicate
text entered by
text entire text
text entry by
text entry origin
text entry origin url
text external number
text field
text field tags
text first in location
text first in location note
text first name
year first newspaper mention
text first newspaper mention date type
text game
text game eras
text game family
text game number
text game official
text game regions
text game tags
true/false has source on hand
true/false has supplemental text
text headline
text holiday
number home score
text home team
number id
text immediacy of report
number innings
text innings note
true/false invented game
true/false is foundation date
true/false is in library
true/false is in main bibliography
true/false is no later than
text isbn
text issue
text journal
text last name
text location
text modern address
year modified at
text nabbp note
text nabbp status
text name
text nine class
text notables
text number of players
text ny rules
text origin
number page id
text page title
text pages
text pic category
text pic decade
text pic location
text pic year
text place published
text players locality
text published date
text publisher
text query
true/false reviewed
number salience
number selected page ids
text society
number sort order
text source
text source image
text source image 2
text source image 3
text source image 4
text source image 5
text source tags
text sources
text state
text submission note
text submitted by
text tags
text term
text text
text title
text type
text type of date
text type of date of birth
text type of date of death
text type of published date
text url
text user
text version
number volume
text warning
number year
number year number
text year of publication
text year suffix
These work like regular possibilities, but target a specific field.

Fields Possibilities

Finds entries whose state field is NY

Finds games with 10 innings

Finds games with 10 or more innings

Finds games with between 5 and 8 innings

innings:5-8 AND state:NY
Finds games with between 5 and 8 innings in NY

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