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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Ballgame 1857-06-12 Bloomington IL IL
Club Upper Alton Baseball Club 1858-06-19 Upper Alton IL Upper Alton, IL
Ballgame Union Club of Chicago v Plowboys Club of Downers Grove 1858-07-07 Chicago IL Chicago, IL
Club Waukegan Base Ball Club 1859-04 Waukegan IL Waukegan, IL
Club Club of Danby, IL 1859-06-15 Danby IL Danby, IL
Ballgame Club of Danby, IL v Plowboys Club of Downers Grove 1859-06-18 Danby IL Danby, IL
Ballgame 1861 Aurora IL Aurora, IL
Ballgame 1861-05 Springfield IL Springfield, IL
Club Eagle Base Ball Club of Bloomington 1862 Bloomington IL Bloomington, IL
Club Olympic Club of Peoria 1862-04-25 Peoria IL Peoria, IL
Ballgame Olympic Club of Peoria v Olympic Club of Peoria 39 - 39 1862-05-17 Peoria IL Peoria, IL
Club Hardin Base Ball Club of Jacksonville 1863 Jacksonville IL Jacksonville, IL
Ballgame 1863-06 Waukegan IL Waukegan, IL
Ballgame 1863-06-25 New Lenox IL New Lenox, IL
Club Union Base Ball and Wicket Club 1863-09-05 Ottawa IL Ottawa, IL
Club Club of Cairo 1864 Cairo IL Cairo, IL
Club Awkward Club of Galesburg 1865 Galesburg IL Galesburg, IL
Club Favorite Club of Evanston 1865 Evanston IL Evanston, IL
Ballgame Forest City Club of Rockford v Empire Base Ball Club of Freeport 21 - 55 1865-07-31 Rockford IL Rockford, IL
Club Monitor Club of Lincoln 1866 Lincoln IL Lincoln, IL
Ballgame 1866-06-23 Quincy IL Quincy, IL
Club Wapello Club of Rock Island 1866-07 Rock Island IL Rock Island, IL
Club Pioneer Base Ball Club of Geneseo 1866 Geneseo IL Geneseo, IL
Club Olive Branch Club of East St. Louis 1866 East St. Louis IL East St. Louis, IL
Ballgame 1866-07-04 Hyde Park IL Hyde Park, IL
Club Club of Carbondale 1866 Carbondale IL Carbondale, IL
Club Galena Base Ball Club of Galena 1866-08 Galena IL Galena, IL
Ballgame Egyptian Club of Cairo v Independent Club of Cairo 1866-08-31 Cairo IL Cairo, IL
Club Monitor Club of Sterling 1866 Sterling IL Sterling, IL
Club Club of Dixon 1866 Dixon IL Dixon, IL
Club McPherson Club of Decatur 1866-12 Decatur IL Decatur, IL
Club Walnut Club of Altona 1867 Altona IL Altona, IL
Club Tiger Club of Woodstock 1867 Woodstock IL Woodstock, IL
Club Club of Canton, IL 1867 Canton IL Canton, IL
Club Kewanee Club of Kewanee 1867 Kewanee IL Kewanee, IL
Club Jerseyville Base Ball Club of Jerseyville 1867 Jerseyville IL Jerseyville, IL
Club Amateur Club of Sandwich 1867 Sandwich IL Sandwich, IL
Club Club of Hyde Park 1867 Hyde Park IL Hyde Park, IL
Club Victor Base Ball Club of Du Quoin 1867 Du Quoin IL Du Quoin, IL
Club Marengo Base Ball Club of Marengo 1867 Marengo IL Marengo, IL
Club Pioneer Club of Arcola 1867 Arcola IL Arcola, IL
Club Juvenile Base Ball Club of Harvard 1867 Harvard IL Harvard, IL
Ballgame H. W. Walton's Nine v E. R. Kittoe's Nine 52 - 7 1867-06-11 Galena IL Galena, IL
Club Illinois Club of Morris 1867-07 Morris IL Morris, IL
Club Ristori Base Ball Club of Henry 1867-07 Henry IL Henry, IL
Club Continental Club of Marshall 1867 Marshall IL Marshall, IL
Club Star Club of Mt. Vernon 1867 Mt. Vernon IL Mt. Vernon, IL
Ballgame O.K. Club of Ottawa v Black Crook touring company 1867-07-04 Ottawa IL Ottawa, IL
Club Enterprise Club of Lanark 1867-07-23 Lanark IL Lanark, IL
Ballgame Young America Club of Jerseyville v Jerseyville Base Ball Club of Jerseyville 64 - 31 1867-07-30 Jerseyville IL Jerseyville, IL
Club Prairie State Club of Chillicothe 1867-08 Chillicothe IL Chillicothe, IL
Club Prairie Base Ball Club of Mendota 1867-08 Mendota IL Mendota, IL
Club Atlantic Club of Collinsville 1867 Collinsville IL Collinsville, IL
Ballgame 1867-08 Lake View IL Lake View, IL
Ballgame Empire Club of Champaign v Red Jacket Club of Paxton 62 - 26 1867-08-02 Champaign IL Champaign, IL
Ballgame McPherson Club of Decatur v Excelsior Base Ball Club of Pana 20 - 58 1867 Decatur IL Decatur, IL
Club Chippewa Club of Camden 1867 Milan IL Milan, IL
Ballgame Acme Club of Waukegan v Lake Shore Club of Waukegan 15 - 60 1867-09-26 Libertyville IL Libertyville, IL
Club Grove City Club of Kankakee 1867-10 Kankakee IL Kankakee, IL
Ballgame Farmers v Merchants 1867-10-04 Kewanee IL Kewanee, IL
Club Hill City Club of Mt. Carroll 1867 Mt. Carroll IL Mt. Carroll, IL
Club Greenhorn Club of Pontiac 1867 Pontiac IL Pontiac, IL
Club Olympic Club of Fairbury 1867 Fairbury IL Fairbury, IL
Club Bluff City Club of Belleville 1868 Belleville IL Belleville, IL
Club Club of Crystal Lake 1868 Crystal Lake IL Crystal Lake, IL
Ballgame 1868 Naperville IL Naperville, IL
Club Eureka Club of Joliet 1868-03 Joliet IL Joliet, IL
Club Peru Base Ball Club 1868 Peru IL Peru, IL
Club Sucker State Club of Carthage 1868 Carthage IL Carthage, IL
Club Undine Club of La Harpe 1868 La Harpe IL La Harpe, IL
Club Club of DeKalb 1868-05-05 DeKalb IL DeKalb, IL
Club Star Club of Olney 1868 Olney IL Olney, IL
Ballgame Excelsior Club of Chicago v Black Hawk BBC of Aurora 64 - 8 1868-07-01 Hinsdale IL Hinsdale, IL
Club Orthcan Club of Bushnell 1868 Bushnell IL Bushnell, IL
Ballgame 1868-10 Maroa IL Maroa, IL
Club Lookout Club of Albion 1869 Albion IL Albion, IL
Club Independent Club of Greenville 1869 Greenville IL Greenville, IL
Club Mollie Stark Club of Toulon 1869 Toulon IL Toulon, IL
Club Payson Club of Payson 1869 Payson IL Payson, IL
Club Independent Club of Eureka 1869 Eureka IL Eureka, IL
Ballgame Springfield Base Ball Club2 v Club of Bloomington 1869-08-17 Lincoln IL Lincoln, IL
Club Sticktights Club of Monmouth (Monmouth College) 1869-12-01 Monmouth (Monmouth College) IL Monmouth (Monmouth College), IL
Club Muffin Club of Onarga 1870 Onarga IL Onarga, IL
Club Shoo Fly Club of Rantoul 1870 Rantoul IL Rantoul, IL
Club Club of Ludlow 1870 Ludlow IL Ludlow, IL
Club Pioneer Club of Oakland, IL 1870 Oakland IL Oakland, IL
Club Lightfoot Club of Chatham 1870 Chatham IL Chatham, IL
Club Independent Club of Clayton 1870 Clayton IL Clayton, IL
Club Young America Club of Bradford 1870 Bradford IL Bradford, IL
Club Unknown Club of Plainfield 1870 Plainfield IL Plainfield, IL
Club Black Caps Club of Oneida 1870 Oneida IL Oneida, IL
Club Muffin Club of Camp Point 1870 Camp Point IL Camp Point, IL
Club White Caps Club of Blandinsville, IL 1870 Blandinsville IL Blandinsville, IL
Club Pioneer Club of Englewood 1870 Englewood IL Englewood, IL
Ballgame Fearfuls of Chicago v Wonderfuls of Chicago 1870 Maywood IL Maywood, IL
Ballgame Young men of Beardstown v Railroad workers 1870-06-30 Beardstown IL Beardstown, IL
Club Star Club of Lockport 1870-07 Lockport IL Lockport, IL
Ballgame Union Lodge 9, Odd Fellows v Home Lodge 416, Odd Fellows 1870-07-04 Dolton IL Dolton, IL
Club Star Club of Cicero 1870 Cicero IL Cicero, IL
Club Union Club of Momence 1870 Momence IL Momence, IL

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