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Date Monday, September 22, 1879

[One of the Cincinnati Club officers], when in Chicago with the nine on one occasion, sat talking with a gentleman in the hotel vestibule one night until after 1 o’clock, at which time he saw Hotaling come in hurriedly and go up stairs. He asked McVey the next morning if the men had gone to bed in good season, and was told in reply that they had all retired at 10 o’clock, and were feeling in first rate condition for the game that afternoon. The conclusion was at once drawn that Hotaling, after going to his room in the evening, had quietly put on his hat and taken a stroll up town. This was given as an instance of once of the difficulties attendant upon the control of players. President Hulbert, he said, at one time purposed a course at once novel and effectual. Having reason to suspect a player of dissipation, he engaged on of Pinkerton’s detectives to shadow him. He did so, and for two days and nights scarcely lost sight of him, and then Mr. Hulbert was astonished on receiving from Pinkerton’s Agency several sheets of foolscap on which was detailed every movement of the shadowed individual. The players were summoned together that afternoon and the repor tread to them. That player was given to understand that his resignation, if sent in, would receive favorable consideration. It came in forthwith , and ever afterward there was less trouble in the organization.

Source Cincinnati Commercial Tribune
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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