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Date Friday, August 15, 1884

A Cleveland gentleman says: “Jack Glasscock has been help up a choice specimen of ingratitude because he withdrew from the Cleveland Club and accepted an offer from the Cincinnati Unions. I know that he would not have considered any proposition from an outside club had not Vice-President Howe asked him to run the club at his own risk or induce the other members of the club to join him in playing the balance of the season on the co-operative plan. After considerable coaxing Glasscock was induced to sound the other members of the club on the matter. The proposition did not meet with favor, and then the talk of outside propositions for a transfer of the club leaked out, and had a dispiriting effect. As a result Glasscock, McCormick and Briody thought they were warranted in contracting for themselves and pocketing the benefit instead of allowing the stockholders of the Cleveland Club to shift their burden, and reap a profit in so doing. St.

Source St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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