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Date Wednesday, July 9, 1884

Mr. Curtis, of the Altoona Club, wrote to Mr. Lucas and told him that the organization was in a bad way financially, and that if Mr. Lucas and Mr. Thorner, of the Cincinnati Unions, did not come to the club’s aid it would not attempt to complete the season. ... Thinking this a strange revelation, for at the Cincinnati meeting the Altoona representatives had boasted of their financial standing, Mr. Lucas made up his mind to investigate the club’s affairs, and did so, and in order to protect the Association’s interests he so arranged matters that Kansas City should step in, in the event of Altoona not being worthy of the position she held. Armed with power to act for the Association, and with the full consent of Messrs. Pratt, Henderson and Thorner, respectively presidents of the Philadelphia, Chicago and Cincinnati clubs, Mr. Lucas went to Altoona. Arriving there he called the club’s representatives together and then demanded that they make known the financial standing of the club. He called for the books, they were produced, and full investigation proved that the club’s capital was but $1,500 and that it was in arrears to its players and to the Union Association for monthly dues, etc. Upon this showing Mr. Lucas informed the gentlemen that neither he nor Thorner would put a dollar into the concern and telegraphed Secretary White at Washington to call for the money due the Association, some $150, and that if it was not paid within twenty-four hours to cancel the club’s membership. White telegraphed as ordered, the Altoonas failed to pay up and as a result their membership was declared forfeited. Soon after Kansas City’s application was honored and that club, on the vote of half a dozen members of the Association, was admitted to full membership.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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