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Date Saturday, December 22, 1866

[adopted by the National Association convention] Sec. 39. No person who shall be in arrears to any other club, or shall at any time receive compensation for his services as a player, shall be competent to play in any match. All players who play base ball for money, place, or emolument, shall be regarded as professional players; and no professional player shall take part in any match game; and any club giving any compensation to a player, or having to their knowledge a player in their nine playing in a match for compensation, shall be disbarred from membership in the National Association, and they shall not be considered by any club belonging to this Association as a proper club to engage in a match with, and should any club so engage with them they shall forfeit membership.

{This amendment practically carries out the theory suggested in last weeks Clipper. Now players who desire to make money in match games can do so honestly, but only by the organization of professional nines. They can, however, legitimately receive compensation for instructing young clubs; but they cannot take part in match games between two clubs.}

Source New York Clipper
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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