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Date Saturday, November 28, 1857

South Brooklyn is represented by but one club of any importance, and that one is the Excelsior; and if they are not well known as players, they have as good, if not better, reputation as gentlemen than any other similar organization.  Their deportment during the late contests they have been engaged in, shows that they can bear defeat and victory with good feeling towards their opponents.  They are very strong in numbers, being about fifty.  Mr. Leggett, the catcher, is equal to almost any man in that position, and is a powerful bat.  The nine are generally fine batsmen, but deficient as fielders and in throwing. ... They are too careless on days of practice. Several fine players intend joining them next season.  They owe the number of players they have to a consolidation of the Wayne and Excelsior, which was brought about by the game on practice days being made up as much of one club as the other (the Wayne played on the Excelsior grounds). This movement was effected last October–both clubs voted to adopt the Excelsior name, also the Wayne dress, with some slight modifications.

Source Porter's Spirit of the Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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