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Date Friday, January 15, 1886

[from an interview of Day] While I would like to see eight clubs in the League, yet I would rather have but six clubs, all strong, and making a good fight for the pennant. Anybody can understand that six good clubs are better than six good and two poor clubs. Where two clubs were palpable tail-enders from the start, all the clubs would suffer. When the strong clubs resisted the weaker ones, the friends of the latter would agree that a one-sided game would result and they would remain at home or at business. The same is true of the admirers of a strong club when a weaker club was on a visit. I recognize the fact that what I say is an argument in favor of six clubs, but I am making an extraordinary case and am taking the worst view. I have worked on a schedule, too, and find that a six-club schedule can be completed in five months, but I must admit that I am not an admirer of such a schedule. St.

Source St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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