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Date Wednesday, September 30, 1885

In the East three cities are mentioned for Providence's place—Brooklyn, Washington and Baltimore. Brooklyn will remain in the American Association; put that down for a fact. Washington must get into either one or the other organization. It's a matter of life or death, but would prefer to go into the American Association, if possible, and a trade may be made with Baltimore. There are certain parties in the latter city anxious to have a League club located there, and if a good team could be secured it is not at all impossible that Barnie might be persuaded to enter the scheme and throw up the American franchise in favor of Washington. The great bugbear of the backers in either city is the 50 cent tariff. If that were reduced or the price of admission left optional with the home club, as is the case in Philadelphia, it is believed that the League could have their pick, not only in the East but in the West. Whether any such concession will ever be made by the League is a matter of doubt, as the League has always maintained that the rate is only commensurate with the exhibition given, and that one distinctive mark of superiority over all other base ball organizations has been and is the ability to exact and command this higher tribute from the public.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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