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Date Sunday, October 23, 1881

The League have rearranged the players' contract, making it even stiffer than it was before. In the wording of it the player under contract concedes the right to the manager or captain to assign him to any position; that the Association has a right to establish rules for governing him, at home and abroad, and that these powers shall not be limited to case of dishonest play or open insubordination, but for carelessness, indifference, or such conduct as may be regarded as prejudicial to its interests in any respect; the player assumes all risk of accident or injury, in play or otherwise, and of illness from whatever cause, and of the effects of all accidents, injuries or illness occurring to him during the period of his employment; the Association has the right to suspend him by reason of any illness or injury incurred, or by reason of any insubordination or deterioration of skill on his part, and he must submit himself to medical examination and treatment by a regular physician or surgeon in good standing, to be selected by the Association, and such examination and treatment being at the expense of the player; and suspension from play which may result from disqualification from playing with the requisite skill, without regard to the result of the medical examination, can be made by the Association, and the player shall have no claim for wages during the period of suspension; that the Association agrees to give a player twenty days' notice of its option and the intention to terminate the contract, at the expiration of which time all liabilities and obligations shall at once cease and terminate.

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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