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Date Sunday, May 12, 1867

[Eurekas vs. Irvingtons 5/7/1867] The present ground of the Irvington Club does not seem to be much of an improvement upon the one they played upon last season. It is not level, running down from home base to first and second, and rising from there to third and home; it also is very uneven and very soft. With the best of case, it can never be made a good ball-ground. In match games, the odd are greatly in favor of the club owning and practicing upon the ground, and visiting clubs accustomed to playing upon perfectly level fields must necessarily labor under great disadvantages. ... the means of conveyance from Newark to the grounds were entirely inadequate to supply the demand, most of the spectators–some two or three thousand in number–having to return on foot, the railroad company providing only four or five cars. New York Dispatch May 12, 1867

The company owning the horse railroad to Irvington should make efforts to afford better accommodation to visitors than heretofore, or people will finally refuse to go to Irvington to see even a championship match. New York Dispatch June 2, 1867

Source New York Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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