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Date Wednesday, March 4, 1885

There has been considerable discussion in meeting of the League as to the wisdom of the appointment of newspaper men as official scorers, as by their publication of the scores the returns which otherwise would be known only to the scorer and the secretary of the League until their publication in the official guide, as seen by the players, who are afforded an opportunity to criticise them and complain of injustice and favoritism, which may result in the impairment of the harmony and efficiency of the team. On the other hand, many of the newspaper men of the country have been amateur or semi-professional players in the past, and are perhaps as well qualified to score a game as any other person of good judgment who may not have been a player. They are compelled to educate themselves in the mysteries of the game at all events, as base ball has taken a firm hold upon the American people, and it is has become a necessity to publish full scores and ample descriptions of contests to satisfy the public demand.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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