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Date Saturday, March 2, 1872

The Union ball grounds, Brooklyn, are being placed in order for the early resumption of play. It is to be hoped that Mr. Cammeyer will introduce the much-needed improvement of transferring the pool selling stand to the lower part of the ground, back of the pagoda, so as to remove the open betting business of the “gold board” out of the hearing of the contestant in a match game. Last year the betting on the innings, base hits, etc., which occurred in every game necessarily had a demoralizing effect on the players concerned. New York Clipper March 2, 1872

batter position and curved line pitching

[discussing proposed rules amendments] Last year’s rule allowed a forward but not a backward step. By the amended rule the striker is debarred from taking any step which shall take both his feet on one side or other of the line of his position about to strike, but as long as he keeps one foot on each side of the line he can take either a backward or forward step. By this means he is allowed that freedom of movement necessary to ensure a good hit, white he is, on the other hand, properly debarred from taking an unfair advantage either by lengthening the distance from the pitcher by a backwards step, or shortening it by a forward one. If a backward step were allowed, short balls hit down would invariably touch the ground foul, and in such a manner as not to be caught; and if a forward step were allowed, the batsman would nullify the effect of the curved line delivery, besides gaining other undue advantages. New York Clipper March 2, 1872

Source New York Clipper
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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