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Date Tuesday, July 5, 1881

[Boston vs. Chicago 7/4/1881] Extra seats were put up along the right and left field fences, and charis, three or four rows deep, were placed in front of the grand stand and the east seats. These were all occupied, and the extra multitude spread itself out on the grass, the mass inclining to the left field, there the [illegible] fence cut off the blistering rays of the sun. Chicago Times July 5, 1881

[Boston vs. Chicago 7/4/1881] A crowd of 10,000 people assembled at White Stocking Park yesterday afternoon to witness the game between Boston and Chicago, and so densely packed the grounds as to interfere greatly with the work of the fielders. To obviate this drawback as far as possible a rule was agreed on that but one base be run on any ball hit into the crowd. The result was to equalize the disadvantages of the situation, and also to give credit for safe hits in several instances where but for the crowd the ball would have been caught. Chicago Tribune July 5, 1881

[Worcester vs. Detroit 7/4/1881] ...the managers decided that a hit outside the cordon of spectators should only give two bases to the batsman. The result showed that the rule only worked to the disadvantage of the clubs twice—once each. Detroit Free Press July 5, 1881

Source Chicago Times
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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