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Date Sunday, October 8, 1876

The players of the Athletic Club held a meeting Sept. 25, and the rather chimerical offer was then made to give the players notes for their indebtedness, payable in one year; but, as it s was that the payment of these notes would depend on the financial success of the nine next year–a rather dubious matter–the offer was unanimously rejected. The players then made the proposition that they would accept the said notes, provided that they were indorsed by some responsible parties; but this was refused. And it certainly seems very strange that the Athletic Club should be allowed to pass out of existence on account of a trifling indebtedness. Many of the stockholders of the club have expressed their willing ness to pay an assessment or subscription to pay off the debt, and, in case that fails, efforts can be made to dispose of the 150 shares of the stock remaining unsold. The stockholders should see that their interests shall not be sacrificed.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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