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Date Sunday, January 26, 1873

The acquirements necessary to a proper attention to the duties of a second baseman are chiefly an ability to cover much ground and sufficient lightness of foot to turn quickly to the left or right, as occasion my require; a short stop generally runs forward to receive a ball–a second baseman, on the contrary, runs on a diagonal line towards the right centre or left field, as the case may be, this requiring considerable [sic] more celerity in gaining a start, as but few balls come directly towards the player. ...

[Barnes of the Boston] plays “very deep” towards the first base, George Wright doing much of the second base play, such as receiving balls thrown by the catcher, &c. Indeed, were these two elegant players termed simply right and left short stops the terms would be more suitable. Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch January 26, 1873

Charlie Sweasy drinks too much

[Charles Sweasy] when in proper condition, played a most extraordinary game. He is imprudent, however, and has a partiality for the “enticing cup.” ... Sweasy has ability second to none in the business if he took proper care of himself. ... Sweasy was second baseman of the famous Red Stocking Cincinnati nine, at which time he was accounted without an equal. Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch January 26, 1873

Source Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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