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Date Saturday, November 20, 1875

Judging from the orders received for baseball goods during the past season, and from the number of club-matches reported throughout the entire country, it is quite safe to say that not less than two thousand clubs have participated in the baseball campaign of 1875. Of these fully fifty were semi professional organizations; and that is making a low estimate of this class of the so-called amateur clubs; while there were but thirteen regular professional clubs, the remainder being the ordinary class of amateur organizations. Of genuine amateur clubs, probably not fifty in the entire country took part in the season's contests. What we mean by “genuine amateurs” are clubs which take in no members who do not one and all participate in the expenses of the organization, and which never compensate any of their players by “money, place or emolument,” and never share in any gate-receipts, even to “defray7 traveling expenses.” New York Clipper November 20, 1875

the Athletics to form a stock company

At the annual meeting of the Athletic B. B. Club, held Monday evening, November 8th, the undersigned were appointed a committee for the purpose of forming a stock company. They are progressing with the duties imposed on them, have already made application for charter, and respectfully request your aid by subscribing yourself and securing subscribers to the capital stock of the new company.

It is proposed to issue Two hundred shares at Fifty Dollars per Share, Twenty-five Dollars ($25) to be paid in when certificates of stock are ready for delivery. Each subscriber to receive one Season Ticket (which, you are aware, now costs Fifteen Dollars) for each share of stock subscribed for, and all subscribers who shall pay fifteen dollars at the adjourned annual meeting, to be held Monday Evening, November 29th, will receive creit for that amount, leaving but ten dollars to be paid in on issue of certificates of stock.

We earnestly call on all friends of the Club to be present at the meeting, as aside from the fact that your presence and aid will be a great help to the Club in its present condition, we think it will prove a good and profitable investment.

The subscription book is now open at Reach & Johnson’s, No. 6 South Eighth street. Philadelphia All-Day City Item November 21, 1875

The club resolved to proceed to the formation of a stock company with a capital of $10,000, 400 shares to be issued at $25 each. Philadelphia All-Day City Item November 30, 1875

Source ” New York Clipper
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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