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Date Sunday, September 12, 1875

Our Binghamton (N.Y.) correspondent, in writing about the game played between the Crickets and Fly Aways, at Binghamton, Sept. 2, makes the following charges against the latter nine: “The game was called on the understanding that the Fly Aways should play again on the 4 th. After they got off the ground the Fly Aways said they would not play unless they were guaranteed $70 for expenses. This was agreed to. On the 3d they played the Stars at Syracuse, and while there sent word that they would not come for less than $100. A telegram was sent notifying them that they should have it, and was delivered in time for them to make all arrangements, but after waiting until all trains had left, answered that if the Crickets wanted them to play they would have to send a special train at their own expense. The amount of the business was they were afraid to meet the Crickets again.” New York Sunday Mercury September 12, 1875

John G. H. Meyers, of the Fly Away nine, of this city, defends the action of his club against the strictures made by our Binghamton correspondent in last week’s issue. He says: “Respecting the cricket game I have this to say. When the game was tied on the tenth inning it was a representative of the cricket club who suggested the calling of the game and playing again. It was known that we had to be home Saturday night, and the game would have to be played in the morning. In order to reach Binghamton we must have left Syracuse at 5:15 P.M. Friday night. Our game at Syracuse was posted for 2:30 P.M., and in order to have time to reach this train I made application to Messrs. White and Campbell to commence game at 2 P.M., or to release us in time to reach this train. These gentlemen could not assent, and I therefore stated to the cricket managers if it was possible I should reach the train, and in the mean time make every arrangement to do so. We then discussed terms, and I figured our expenses about $70, and claim this they should guarantee, but they could then only offer 50 per cent. of receipts. They were to telegraph the following morning if my guarantee was acceptable; and, if so, I was to arrange things to come. The telegram only offered the 50 per cent. refused, and which I again refused. Friday, as we were leaving for the field, a telegram offering $100 was received. Here it was after 2 o’clock, with no chance to make the arrangements I should have made, had they sent the reply to Norwich the day before; and, still anxious to play them, I telegraphed that if they arranged for a special train, we would come. Taking the above addition $30, and adding $30 more, they could have procured this train, were they so disposed. The facts are as above stated. Our game with the Starts was not concluded until after 5:30 P.M., and we were then a mile and a half from the depot, so that to take the regular train would have been impossible.” {The public have now had presented to them both sides of the question, and we will let the matter rest here.} Ne York Sunday Mercury September 19, 1875

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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