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Date Sunday, October 25, 1868

The New England base ballist, Mr. M. Rogers, is out with a burst of honest indignation o the strength of the report that the Mutual-Atlantic game was postponed last Monday because there was not money enough taken in at the gate to make the game profitable. If that were the real reason for which the game was postponed, Mr. Rogers' indignation is quite commendable. Such, however, is not the case. The Mutuals received word in the morning that the directors of the Atlantic Club had conceded the propriety of postponing the game because of the condition of the ground after the recent bad weather, and that one of the directors of the Atlantic club would wait upon the Mutuals and settle about the matter. Seven or eight of the Mutual nine were assembled at the rendezvous awaiting the arrival of the expected director and did not go over to the grounds and, therefore, could not have known whether it would be profitable to play the game. Mr. Roger's intimates that the recent victories of the Mutuals over the Atlantic, Athletic and Union Clubs were the results of arrangements so as to bring on a third game, while immediately after the intimation alluded to he gives a detailed account of the Mutual Atlantic game, which shows for itself that there was no “throwing the game” indulged in. He then gives short accounts of the Athletic and Unions games, which clearly demonstrated the fact that they were lost and won solely on their merits. Look well before you leap, Mr. Rogers, and spare your “feelinks.

Source New York Herald
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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