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Date Friday, June 8, 1888

The Chicago club carried away with it from this city [Philadelphia] what the players hope will prove a mascot. People who saw Miss Vernona Jarbeau's performance in “Starlight” recently will remember the diminutive African who came on in the third act and caused a stick to perform amazing gyrations in the air, and who figured on the play bi9lls under the patrician name of Clarence Duval. He remained in town as a sort of page in waiting to Miss Jarbeau, and his propensity for always being around where anything particular is going on caused his appearance at the base-ball grounds the other day. Each of the Chicago players rubbed his hands over the back of the youthful negro before going into the fray, and the Chicagos won the game. Yesterday he was again on the field, and again the Chicagos won. That settled it. The necessary negotiations were entered into with Mr. Jeff D. Bernstein, Miss Jarbeau's manager, and culminated in the “coon's” desertion of the theatrical stage for the base-ball field.

“I hear you've lost your 'snowball,'” said a reporter to Miss Jarbeau last night.

“Yes,” replied the vivacious actress with a laugh, “the fascinations of the ball game were too alluring for him. We picked him up in the snow in Decatur, Ill., last winter, and he's been with me ever since.
 “Of course he hesitated about leaving such a charming mistress?”

“I'm afraid he didn't think of that. I hope he brings good luck to the Chicagos.

Source ” Chicago Tribune
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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