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Date Saturday, March 5, 1887

Talking about the Pittsburg meeting President Young said recently: “I was naturally surprised at the weakness displayed by Indianapolis, but the problem would have been settled for all that, had not the several League clubs been so emphatic in their instructions with regard to the admission of the Hoosiers. I realize, of course, that not being present and hence unable to note the turn affairs were taking, the gentlemen who wires us so regularly were working conscientiously for the best interests of the League. Had they been in position to appreciate fully the status of affairs on Monday afternoon, Kansas City would now be secure in her League franchise, and the whole matter satisfactorily disposed of. With regard to the prospects for the future, I can say only that every indication points to the admission of the Cow-boys at the meeting in New York a week from Monday. The Indianapolis scheme, like any other arrangement made at this stage, rested upon the financial showing made before the recent meeting of the players' committee, and when that failed to realize the expectations of those who favored the establishment of a team in that city, we were forced to look in another direction. As I have said, the strong preference express on all sides for Indianapolis alone prevented the prompt admission of Kansas City. The question now resolves itself into a very simple conundrum. Can Indianapolis between this date and the one set for our meeting raise sufficient money to warrant the League in locating a team there?

Source Sporting News
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