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Date Saturday, July 16, 1881

A League Club is talked of to represent this city next season. The management of the Metropolitan Club last week made a formal application for admission into the League, and a stock company will soon be formed to back the venture with $20,000. arrangements are being made to secure the Polo Grounds for next season, and should they fail to perfect these arrangements the club will prepare new grounds. President Hulbert has answered the application in a non-committal manner, saying that he will thoroughly investigate the matter. The chances the Metropolitans have for admission into the League if Hulbert alone is to be consulted, may be deemed rather slim, judging from what he recently informed a Chicago reporter. He said that he would never consent to any course toward any member of the body, no matter how weak, looking to securing its withdrawal, in order to let in any other organization, however strong, or however much it might promise in the way of patronage of the game. The present members, who had helped to build up and make the League the success that it is, has rights in it, and, as long as they did not see fit to withdraw from it he would vote to retain them to the exclusion of all others. Whether all the eight would elect to remain in next year he did not know. If one of them, or two of them, should drop out, there would be so many places to be filled from the most available materials at hand; if not, he did not see any chance for outside applicants. New York Clipper July 16, 1881

Cincinnati made a formal application for League membership July 23, but it is likely that New York City will be admitted instead, a vacancy being caused by the rumored disbandment of an Eastern organization at the close of the present season. New York Clipper July 30, 1881

The Athletics have made formal application for admission to the League in 1882. New York Clipper August 6, 1881 [N.B. None of these applications were formally considered by the League at any meeting.]

Source New York Clipper
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