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Date Sunday, April 7, 1867

The Central Park grounds are used only by the schools in the vicinity, match-games by senior clubs being prohibited on account of the crowds which they attract, and the destruction that would result to the turf. Philadelphia City Item April 7, 1867, citing the Tribune

This year is seems that the Park Commissioners are really in earnest in trying to make base ball the national game of America. They have allotted two splendid pieces of ground, provided iron home and pitchers’ bases, &c.; they also check bases, shoes, caps, balls, bats, &c.; and it well pays a person to visit the grounds while the clubs are playing. Ball Players Chronicle July 25, 1867

Seeing an item in your paper about the Excelsior Club, saying that we have been forbidden to play in the [Central] Park, allow me to correct it, it being a mistake. Only the older members of the club, or some of the first nine, have been prohibited from playing, they being over the age allotted to boys allowed to play in the Park. Ball Players Chronicle August 1, 1867

Source Philadelphia All-Day City Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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