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Date Wednesday, November 21, 1888

The absence of John M. Ward, president of the Ball Players' Brotherhood, for the entire winter, has led to much quiet speculation as to how the affairs of that organization will progress in his absence, and what moves, if any, the Brotherhood has in view. All these speculations we can authoritatively set at rest. Mr. Ward's absence will not hamper the Brotherhood in the least. The government is in the hands of an executive committee, and authority has never been vested in any one official, although Mr. Ward, while on the field, had considerable power and exercised a general supervision as president and chairman of the committee. All reports to the contrary notwithstanding, there will be no meeting of the Brotherhood council until the regular spring meeting, and at the annual League meeting next Wednesday the Brotherhood will neither be represented nor request a hearing upon any topic whatever. There will be some individual grievances, perhaps, presented to the League by Brotherhood members, either in writing or in person, but the Brotherhood itself, nor any committee representing it, will not be on hand. The Brotherhood got all it wanted last winter in the way of recognition and a new contract, and is quite satisfied with its present relations to the League and with the very smooth and pleasant progress of event since.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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