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Date Tuesday, June 5, 1883

Some time ago a syndicate of prominent capitalists of Baltimore conceived the idea of embarking in the base-ball business in Chicago, and to attempt to monopolize all games in the city outside of the regular league games. If the property can be secured for a period of three years, it is understood to be the intention to fit up the ground in a style that may even surpass the league park, and to furnish other attractions that will insure a monopoly of all games outside of the jurisdiciton of the league. The syndicate is said to have any amount of financial backing, and they are believed to mean business. Cincinnati Enquirer June 5, 1883

The Union Base-Ball Association, with a capital of $20,000, was formed here [Chicago] today [6/6]. Grounds have been secured in the southern part of the city limits. It is the intention to play with the clubs in the American Association. Cincinnati Enquirer June 7, 1883

Source Cincinnati Enquirer
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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