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Date Wednesday, May 6, 1885

The American Association holds that the National Agreement has been violated and has served formal notice upon the League that it will no longer be bound by its provisions, at least so far as the reserve rule is concerned, and demands a conference. It is to be hoped that a conference will be held and mutual concessions made. Indeed, a report is current that such a meeting is to be held in New York this week. Up to the present, however, this report lacks verification, and is altogether improbable, as each side seems determined to maintain the position it has assumed. The Sporting Life May 6, 1885

[reporting on the AA special meeting] [the following resolution was passed:] That the standing conference committee of this Association be requested to meet the standing conference committee of the League and propose this ultimatum:--That, inasmuch as the National League has seen fit to set aside the penalties of its reserve rule where it conflicts with the interest of said League, this Association will no longer agree to abide by that part of the National Agreement which relates to the reservation of players by the various clubs of the parties to said National Agreement, or that part of said Agreement regulating such reservation. But that it will join with the National League in respecting all that part of the National Agreement which refers to contracts made and promulgated from time to time by various associations parties to said agreements, and that part of the National Agreement regulating such contracts.

The question of the modification of the resolution adopted at the Association meeting held at Baltimore, refusing to play any club employing in its team any of the disqualified players under the National Agreement, was brought up, but it was speedily voted down and the rule sustained. The Sporting Life May 6, 1885

Manager Phillips of the Pittsburgs has notified the Buffalos that he will not play two games with them, for which the contracts have been made. Thus the gulf widens. St. Louis Post-Dispatch May 9, 1885

Source Sporting Life
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