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Date Tuesday, April 6, 1886

Dan Sullivan, the catcher for the Alleghenies, after yesterday’s experiences may resolve to become an acrobat and abandon base ball playing. Sully, Galvin and Miller were practicing to “slide” to a base yesterday in McKelvy’s riding school. Galvin was paternally initiating Daniel into the mysteries of “getting there.” “Now, said Jimmy, “throw yourself loosely down a good distance from this mark, which is the base, and slide in. Do it the way Miller does it.”

“Oh, I see what you want. ‘Miller’s slide’ is it? Here goes.”

Sullivan took a long run, closely pressed by imaginary rivals. Several feet from the base he “plunged” forward and landed squarely on his head. For a moment his feet were where his head would have been had he been standing in the ordinary way. A groan and down his feet came, catching the “gentle” full in the stomach, sending him heads up. Galvin struggled to his feet exclaiming, “Dan, that wasn’t ‘Miller’s slide’ by a blank sight.

Source ” Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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