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Date Wednesday, July 14, 1886

A letter has been received...from a prominent St. Louis base ball manager in regard to a plan that will be brought up this fall at the conclusion of the present season of playing. It is proposed to do away with the American Association and National League, and redistrict the country into territory in which the Eastern League and Western League shall be organized to succeed the present great associations. Chicago, ST. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Kansas City, Detroit and two other good ball towns in the West are to be selected for the Western League, and New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Washington, Baltimore and other cities to go to make up the Eastern League. Sub-leagues to consist of teams from smaller cities, are to be organized. The plan is to arrange schedules for an exchange of games between clubs of the Eastern and Western leagues. President Lucas, of the National League team of St. Louis, is said to be enthusiastically in favor of the plan. The Sporting Life July 14, 1886

The old chestnut about a recasting of the base ball lines into great Eastern and Western Leagues is being revived, and sensation reporters are utilizing the opportunity to get of startling things concerning it. Such a change may be talked of and perhaps be brought about some day, that that day is a long way off. The change is too radical, and the existing state of affairs, although not the best in the world, is good enough not to warrant any risky experiments. The Sporting Life July 14, 1886

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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