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Date Tuesday, June 10, 1873

[Mutual vs. Athletic 6/9/1873] On the fifth inning, Anson astonished the fielders, (who were expecting a heavy hit,) by a strategic safety-block, (a mere tip,) between 3d and “home,”... All-Day City Item June 10, 1873

editorial abuse of umpires not calling balls

An explanatory treatise upon the rules is needed for the special use of ignorant umpires. The expression “all unfair balls must be called in the order of their delivery,” is not understood, and should be better expressed. “You ignorant ass! You miserable donkey! You blarsted fool! If you don’t call every unfair ball just as that ere pitcher slams it in, you’ll git imprisoned for a period of not less than fifty days, with a fine of $100.” This might make matters right. Or, if a clause should be inserted in the rule, which would compel the umpire to be publicly kicked every time he failed to call an unfair ball, some improvement might be effected. Or, that he be compelled to leave the umpire’s position upon a failure to call three unfair balls while the batter is waiting. All-Day City Item June 10, 1873

Source Philadelphia All-Day City Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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