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Date Saturday, November 5, 1887

It is high time that the idea that crack ball-players get more than they are worth was exploded. Men like Latham and Comiskey are scarce. Ten thousand men might be examined before one could be found combining all the qualification of a first-rate ball players, mental and physically, as they do. They are very different from the average man, and are worth a great deal more. They are experts in their business, and experts in nearly every other calling in life are higher paid than these men. They may have been cart-drivers before they became professional ball-players, but they are as different from ordinary cart drivers as Daniel Webster and Rufus Choate were from the ordinary “shyster” lawyer who carries his office in his hat. It is no arguing to say that players like Robinson of the Browns, Hanlon and Dunlap could not earn more than $15 a week at any other occupations. Neither could the Rev. Dr. Talmage as a book-keeper., quoting the Baltimore Herald

Source Sporting News
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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