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Date Saturday, December 20, 1890

Spalding left on the midnight train for Boston, to whip the Boston triumvirs into line. He found Mr. Soden tractable enough, but Conant and Billings were obstinately set, and, according to reports, were in the same frame of mind when Spalding left Boston Tuesday night. That won't matter much, however, as the boss of the League has given it out that nothing and nobody will be permitted to interfere with or block his readjustment scheme. “Those who stand in the way,” he declared in New York before he left for Boston, “will be promptly brushed aside and trampled upon.” Of course, the boss must have had the Boston men in mind, as no other League men have so far dared to oppose the scheme, publicly at least.

Source Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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