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Date Wednesday, November 30, 1887

[from Harry Palmer's column][from a letter from Spalding to Byrne] …I would favor permitting any minor league or association, members of the National Agreement, to reserve five, seven, nine or more players on some such plan as now in vogue in the League and Association, and for the protection now given and this additional right of reserve I think it would be fair and equitable and agreeable to the minor league clubs to assess each association a certain sum or money each year, making one price where protection for the season only is given,n and a higher price where protection and the right of reserve is given. The fund so raised to be divided equally between the League and American Association, which will assist in defraying the large and increasing expenses of running the two organizations..

The result of the present plan of protecting these minor Leagues only during the season and then at its close permitting all the clubs in each Association to make a grand rush and scramble for these outside players on a given date tends to demoralize clubs, managers and players. Clubs of the two leading Associations enter into a wild competition for a few of the more prominent young players and offer salaries away beyond good business judgment and frequently more than is paid to old players of long service and established reputations, thus doing our old men great injustice. It forces the minor League clubs to undertake to pay salaries that mean bankruptcy to many before the season is half over, and also demoralizes the players, managers and everybody connected with the game.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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