Clipping:Spalding forgets the old promise to let an AA franchise in Chicago

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Date Saturday, November 29, 1890

[reporting the AA meeting 11/22] [from an interview of Thurman] “Will the Association get a foothold in Chicago?” Mr. Thurman laughingly replied:-- “Well, Mr. Spalding is kicking pretty hard against it, but he is just as desirous as we are that the Association should be a great and powerful organization next season, and I hardly think he will throw any impediments in the way. Out of the chaos of this disastrous base ball war will spring two of the finest organizations ever known in the history of the game.” The Sporting Life November 29, 1890

[from an interview of Allan Thurman] “Have you asked permission to put a club here [Chicago]?” “No; I have not gone far enough yet to know whether we want Chicago in our circuit. You can say this, however, that if there is a club put in here it must be distinct from the League Club in every way, and the officers of the latter must not have a a dollar in our club. I shall insist on the same thing in all our other cities, because if we don't it will again come back to syndicate ball, which wrecked the Players' League. We may or may not want Chicago in our circuit.” The Sporting Life December 6, 1890

Source The Sporting Life
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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