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Date Tuesday, February 18, 1879

[reporting on the upcoming I.A. convention] It will be the aim of the convention to do away with the present complicated system of scoring. From all sections one hears the cry, “Abolish the error column.” Of course there must be an error column, but the idea is to score only inexcusable, or, as one delegate puts it, “resulting errors.” “If there must be a batting column,” says a delegate, “let it record not so-called base hits, but let it record the number of times each player hits the ball, whether it stops within or beyond the diamond.” Boston Herald February 18, 1879

proposed east and west divisions for the IA

Secretary J. A. Williams, of Columbus, Ohio, had a consultation with the Judiciary Committee this evening, J. H. Gifford, who will manage the Columbus nine next season, also made an argument before the same Committee. They urge the establishment of a Western circuit, which shall, however, be under the government of one general organization. They convey assurances that Clubs will be organized in the following Western cities: Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Detroit, Davenport, Dayton, Dubuque, Peoria and Rockford. It is asserted that the National Association will be stronger if the Eastern and Western sections are left to fight their respective battles, both sections recognizing a common executive head. Cincinnati Enquirer February 19, 1879

Source Boston Herald
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