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Date Sunday, March 22, 1885

Supposing this to be the true state of affairs, what is the proper course for the league to pursue? There appears to be but one course that can be adopted. The league cannot continue with but seven clubs; it is almost equally an impossibility to continue with six clubs, supposing one of the seven to be dropped. It is undeniably the fact that today Mr. Lucas holds the key to the whole situation. The winning card is in his hands if he chooses to play it. As a matter of self-preservation there appears to be no course for the league to adopt but to yield to the inevitable, and consent to the reinstatement of Dunlap, Shaffer and Sweeney under certain conditions as, for instance, the infliction on them of a heavy fine, to be paid to the league treasury. Such a step would probably be acceptable to Mr. Lucas. In fact, he has stated that he would be satisfied with such action. His main point is to secure a strong team to represent St. Louis in the league.

Source Boston Herald
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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