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Date Wednesday, October 24, 1888

[editorial matter] It was at first feared in the Association that the probable withdrawal of Cleveland would entail a reorganization of the League circuit, Indianapolis and Washington being dropped for Cincinnati and Brooklyn or Baltimore. Such a move would of course break up that erratic collection of clubs known as the American Association and surely lead to the one great league talked of so long. Such a fate for the Association would be regrettable, but not undeserved. With all its faults the Association has served and still serves a useful purpose in that it helps to keep the game extended over a larger territory than would be possible with only one great league, gives lucrative employment to many first-class players, promotes a healthy rivalry that serves to keep the affairs of the game from becoming monotonous, and, above all, prevents a close corporation or monopoly in base ball. But through mismanagement and blunders upon blunders of very description this organization has knowingly reduced itself to a secondary place in public estimation and placed itself in position to have the ground cut from under it at almost any time. The possibility of events which are hurrying the organization to ultimate destruction was foreseen, pointed out and even admitted one and even two years ago...

It is, however, probable that the rickety organization will enjoy one more year of life, as the time is not yet quite ripe for the one-league scheme. Differences have yet to be smoothed over and conflicting interests reconciled. From present indications Cleveland will be the only seceder in November. If the League accepts Cleveland in place of Detroit the Cincinnati Club will have to remain where it is unless it can buy out Indianapolis. The latter club, however, is said to be willing to try it another year, and if this be so, Cincinnati will have to wait, as the League will positively do nothing to oust either Indianapolis or Washington, and both clubs will continue to remain members of the League just as long as they have a mind to.

Source Sporting Life
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