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Date Saturday, December 20, 1890

[reporting on the meeting of the conference committee 12/12] Feeling the necessity of advice upon the important matter of admitting the Western Association to the National Agreement as well as upon a necessary reconstruction of that famous compact, a task quite beyond the capabilities of Spalding, that gentleman decided to doff his cap to the ablest man base ball ever knew—A. G. Mills, the original author of the National Agreement—and secure the benefit of his advice and perhaps active assistance. Accordingly, Spalding invited Mr. Mills to meet him at dinner at the Manhattan Club with Messrs. Byrne, Day, Krauthoff and Thurman.

After dinner the situation was freely discussed, among other things considered being the relations of the humble Association to Mr. Mills' old pet, the League, and the reconstruction of the National Agreement, Spalding being desirous that some of the objectionable features of the reserve rule and sales system should be modified. In this connection Mr. Krauthoff's proposition for the admission of the Western Association to equal rights under the National Agreement was also brought up and fully considered. What conclusion was arrived at regarding all these important matters was not given out to the reporters, probably because nothing definite had been arrived at, and perhaps also because the learned gentlemen feared to give the reporters the task of writing something beyond their grasp and capacity to do justice to.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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