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Date Friday, August 15, 1884

If the prominent citizen with predilections in the direction of base-ball had found a taker the other day when offered to wager $1,000 that the feat of throwing a base-ball around the second of three poles arranged in a straight line could not be accomplished by any living pitcher, the other fellow would have been $1,000 better off. O’Donnell, the pitcher in the Youngstown club, accomplished the difficult feat yesterday in the presence of a score or more of persons. The exhibition occurred in a vacant lot on Market street his.. The upright poles were arranged in a line with each other. The second was about ten feet from the first and the third about eighteen feet from the second. O’Donnell stood at the pole further from the milled one in such a position that when he delivered the ball his hand was in line with the three poles his first dozen attempts were unsuccessful, but after that it was an easy matter to do the trick. Standing to the left of the imaginary line he threw the ball so that it passed the second pole to the right and came into the catcher’s hands to the left of the third pole. St.

Source St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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