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Date Saturday, August 5, 1876

[from answers to correspondents] Man on first base, striker hits to first base, first-baseman stands on his base and throws to second base; second-baseman holds the ball and touches his base, but does not touch the runner from first. Is not the runner entitled to second base, as the striker was out first at first-base? … Yes. New York Clipper August 5, 1876

fielding glove

[from answers to correspondents] Can you tell me what to put on my left hand to prevent its paining me when ball-playing? Gloves do not better it, as it is not the sting from the ball which hurts it, but the blow of the ball coming in contact with the hand. The soreness is all in one place, on the palm of the hand, directly under the knuckle of the third finger. … The only way to avoid the punishment referred to is to practice to catch so as to yield to the ball as White does, and not stop it abruptly. The pain you mention is caused by a chronic soreness of the muscles, which must first be healed before the hand is used. New York Clipper August 5, 1876

Source New York Clipper
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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