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Date Thursday, January 31, 1884

The seventh annual meeting of the Providence Base Ball Association was held this evening [1/30], 13 stockholders being present. The following facts were presented: Balance on hand Jan 12, 1883, cash, $3098.19; received from games at home, $26,71.15 [sic]; from games abroad, $19, 166.72; from sale of season tickets, $1966.50; from rent of grounds, $136.96; from sale of uniforms, $149.93; total, $51, 598.45. The expenses were: Salaries, $21,700.65; expenses traveling, etc., $9938.61; paid visiting clubs, $9242.92; rent of grounds, $532.77; uniforms, $196.25; back salary due J. Farrell, $78; total, $41, 651.21, leaving a balance of $9747.24, which is in the shape of—capital stock purchased, $2960; cash on hand, $6847.24. The total attendance was 61,341, or an average of 1232 for each game. The average in games with different clubs was as follows: With Boston, 2160; Cleveland, 1826; Chicago, 1631; New York, 1065; Detroit, 784; Buffalo, 763; Philadelphia, 549. The receipts of admission, including grand stand, etc., were $28,174.70, or an average of 45 ½ cents to each spectator. The report was received and placed on file. On motion of Mr. Root, the treasurer was authorized to sell stock at not less than par to the amount of $10,000.

Source Boston Herald
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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