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Date Saturday, January 8, 1876

[discussing the proposed rules] Of course the batsman—by the above section—not being “a base-runner” until has struck a fair ball, cannot take a base on a balk, nor should he be allowed to do so, except in the case of the pitcher stepping outside the liens of his position to deliver the ball, in which case the batsman, some players think, should be allowed to take his base. To do this it will be necessary to add a line or two to the section in Rule IV, applicable to balking, and to this effect: “Also in case the pitcher, in delivering the ball, should step outside the lines of his position, the Umpire shall ball a 'balk,' and in such case—and such only—the batsman, as well as base-runner occupying bases, shall take one base.”

At present there is no penalty, in fact, in the case of a pitcher delivering the ball while standing outside the lines of his position. The section—No. 2 of Rule IV—simply requires the pitcher to stand within the lines of his position in delivering the ball.

Source New York Clipper
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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