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Date Wednesday, August 17, 1864

Ball clubs have three distinct classes of players, viz., . The professionals are of course not such as those in cricket, that is, they are not paid for their services like cricket professionals, the rules of base ball strictly prohibiting anything of the kind; they are simply professed players of the highest rank, being proficient in a practical knowledge of the game. They include the first nines of our leading clubs, and are styled “professionals” in contradistinction to the amateurs, who include such members of a club as are not first or even second class players, and yet not such tyros in a knowledge of the game, or so deficient in their ability to field, as to be included under the head of “muffins.” Brooklyn Eagle August 17, 1864

junior clubs

We note the fact with pleasure that there are now over thirty regularly organized junior clubs in Brooklyn, and not far from a hundred in and around the metropolis. Brooklyn Eagle August 22, 1864

Source Brooklyn Eagle
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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