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Date Sunday, May 13, 1860

It appears that some base ball clubs of recent formation, in other cities, do not play strictly in accordance with the Rules of the Game. We notice that a New York player, in a card published in a Philadelphia paper...calls attention to the fact as follows:

[much of what follows is illegible]... the players in this city have the foolish habit of running with the ball and striking the bases. Now there is not a single line in the rules that says anything about striking the bases with the ball. ... I have seen players refuse to run, when a fair ball has been struck, for fear of being put out, when, according to the rules of the game, they may be out anyhow. And there is another thing not set down in the rules; that if a player gets put out, and it comes to his turn to strike again, he must strike the same as if he was not out, and if he gets put out the second time, it counts two hands out, and so with the third time. ... The rules of the game are so plain and simple, that we cannot well conceive how they can be misunderstood. In new organizations, the Rules should be read, commented upon, and explained at the regular or special meetings of the club; and then every one would understand them.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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