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Date Saturday, November 22, 1890

[from Chadwick's column] The most important change made in the rules was that governing the introduction of substitute players in the team. Under the rules of this year the captain of a team could only introduce two new players in his team during a contest, except in the case of a substitute for an injured player. The revision made by the committee last week has changed all this. In the first place, the clause having reference to a substitute for an injured player has been thrown out as unnecessary under the change made in the rule applicable to the placing of new players in the team during the progress of a match. Under the rules which go into effect for 1891 the captain of a team can substitute any player he may have in his reserve corps of uniformed players on the grounds for any player originally placed in the team at the commencement of the game, and at any period of the contest, it being provided, however, that no player retired from the game and replaced by a substitute can return to the field again during that special contest. Under this new rule the captain of the team can replace his whole field corps if he chooses and has players on the grounds ready in uniform to act as substitutes. This is a good provision, and one which will add to skilful, strategic movements in generaling a team during a contest.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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