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Date Sunday, February 2, 1890

[from the Cincinnati correspondent][from an interview of catcher Jim Keenan] “What is your idea about the best method of pitching?” “I think a pitcher should put them over the plate all the time and depend on his field. You know Bob Caruthers is a star twirler. Well, ‘putting them over’ is the secret of his success. One day last Summer, when the Brooklyns were playing here, with Caruthers in the box, Gus Schmelz said to him: ‘How it is, Bob, you put the ball over the plate right along, and yet you are very successful?’ ‘Well, Gus, I used to try to strike out every man in the game, but as I grew older I got over that idea. I would rather have the batter hit it now. There are eight other men in the game besides myself, and they ought to have a chance to earn their salaries’ Bob was right. Make the batter hit them, and you won’t lose by it.

Source ” The Philadelphia Sunday Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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