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Date Tuesday, January 14, 1890

The directors of the Philadelphia Players’ League Club held a special meeting... yesterday afternoon. ... It was decided to issue season books, of one hundred tickets. These books will be transferrable, and all the tickets may be used at one game if the owner desires to take 99 friends with him.

In order to prevent scalpers from speculating on these books, they will be sold to responsible parties only. The object of issuing these books is to give clerks and employees in banking, mercantile, jobbing and manufacturing establishments a chance to club together and secure season tickets and get the full value of their money, which they do not get from non-transferrable books, as few can spare the time to attend all the games.

The club will also issue non-transferable season books. In addition, there will also be season tickets issued for the private boxes. The regular non-transferrable season books, as well as the 100 transferable tickets in book form, will admit the bearer to the grand stand only, and not to the private boxes. The Philadelphia Evening Item January 14, 1890

The season tickets for the Philadelphia Brotherhood Club are now ready and can be obtained either at the office of the club, room 26, 1214 Filbert street; Robert Steele’s, Broad and Chestnut streets; or at S. R. Wright’s, northwest corner Fourth and Library streets. Whole boxes seating eight persons are $240; while season books, which are transferrable, are sold for from $25 to $35, according to location. The demand for season tickets has been very large, and those desiring them should not lose any time in making application. The Evening Item Philadelphia March 18, 1890

Source Philadelphia Evening Item
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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