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Date Sunday, November 20, 1887

[James] White objects to one portion of the new rules, and that is the section allowing two substitute players to be introduced at any time during the progress of the game. He is of the opinion that this will have a tendency to injure the game. In the first place he thinks it will work to the disadvantage of the best pitchers in all of the clubs. He fancies that the tendency will be to put forth what is thought to be the club’s best men until they are worn out. For instance, if a pitcher was being hit hard for two or three innings it might be thought that the day was lost for his side, and he will accordingly be retired in favor of a weaker man and saved until the day following. Most pitcher would as soon pitch an entire game as a portion of one, and going in the second day will be about the same as pitching two days in success.

Source Philadelphia Times
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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