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Date Monday, June 14, 1886

[reporting on the AA special meeting of 6/9] “Offensive coaching,” a direct hit at the Browns, was the next important matter discussed. It was decided that, in order to prevent by captains, the lines be so changed as to keep the Captain and his assistants at least seventy-five feet away from the catcher’s lines and on a line fifteen feet from and parallel with the four lines. A rule was adopted preventing the captain from addressing remarks to batsmen, except by way of caution, or to the pitcher and catcher of the opposing team, and limiting coaching to base-runners under severe penalties. The Sporting News June 14, 1886

When men are on the bases it has become the custom with some nines, under the guise of coaching, to depute a loud-lunged player to indulge in frantic yellings and antics, manifestly designed only to distract the attention of the umpire or to irritate the opposing players. Chicago Tribune June 14, 1886, quoting the New York Times

Source Sporting News
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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